How to Create a FiveM Server on a Windows VPS

How to Create a FiveM Server on a Windows VPS


In this video we’ll walk users through the process of setting up the FiveM server with the Windows VPS.

Installing a FiveM Server

In the beginning, you’ll have to make use of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for logging into your VPS. If you’ve bought our Game VPS and you’re not interested in the first step.

1.) Installation of Visual CRedistributable 2019 or a newer version.

To install Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or a newer version, download the package from the official Microsoft website, run the installer, follow the prompts, and restart your system if required.

2.) Go via “This PC” then “Local Disk (C:) or another location.

  1. Download the Visual C++ Redistributable package from the Microsoft website.
  2. Open “This PC” and navigate to your preferred installation location (usually “Local Disk (C:)”).
  3. Run the downloaded installer.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  5. Restart your system if prompted.

3.) Create a brand new folder that is titled “FXServer”

  1. Open “This PC” and navigate to your desired location.
  2. Right-click and select “New” -> “Folder.”
  3. Name the new folder “FXServer.”
  4. Press Enter to confirm the name.

4.) The “Latest Recommended” FiveM artifacts from here

5) Once you have downloaded it you can extract the content of” “” into the FXServer folder or another folder that you previously created.

6) You can create a folder that is labelled “server-data or you can use any other name also”

7) Go to the “server-data or other” folder that you have your own

8.) The “cfx-server-data” by clicking “Code” and then “Download ZIP” from here

9) Extract the contents of “” into the “server-data ” folder which you make created

10) Create a new file named “server.cfg” and copy the whole contents of here to the file.

11) You can create a license key by clicking here Enter your VPS’s IP address in the “IP Address Field”, choose VPS for one of the “Server Type”, and put your server’s name into the “Provider” field.

12.) Copy the generated license key and save it to the server.cfg: “sv_licenseKey MYLICENSEKEY” substitute “MYLICENSEKEY” with the license key that was generated.

13) Make a file with the name “start.bat” and place within the “server-data” folder that you have created. contact

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