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ESX identity script, this script gives a new and updated identity UI

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ESX Identity advanced with good optimized script  

  1. Character Creation: Players are usually presented with a character creation menu when they first join the server. In this menu, they can set various attributes for their character, such as name, date of birth, gender, and potentially other details like appearance and backstory.
  2. Character Storage: The character’s identity details are stored in a database, which allows them to be accessed and utilized throughout the player’s time on the server. This allows for consistent interactions and experiences across multiple gameplay sessions.
  3. Roleplaying Interaction: ESX Identity is commonly used in roleplaying scenarios. For example, if a player is engaging in roleplay as a law enforcement officer, other players can use the character’s name and identity details to interact with them more realistically.
  4. Verification and Integration: Some servers might integrate identity verification systems, requiring players to adhere

                                   ESX Identity


A Core Resource that Allows the player to Pick their characters, Name, Gender, Height and Date-of-birth ESX Identity


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