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Tuning script for Bennys (with RGB colors). You can modify, customize anything on the vehicle with this new menu.Bennys System

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Tuning script for Bennys (with RGB colors). You can modify, customize anything on the vehicle with this new menu.Bennys System

FiveM Bennys System & Tuning System V3.” However, I can provide some general information that might help you understand what these terms usually refer to in the context of the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) modification community.

Basically, there are certain places, with different options, that can be configured in config.lua. These places are places for tuning vehicles, where you can set only one job to have access to it, or everyone if you like (config.lua). In that place, by clicking on the letter E, a NUI menu will open, and there will appear all the tuning options for that vehicle. When you want to finish, just click on finish, and pay, and your vehicle will look amazing!


There are several options in the config.lua to change, which should be changed to your liking.

Principal Features:

  • Tuning/Modifying the vehicle
  • Society discount system (config.lua)
  • Changing the vehicle color in RGB
  • DLC wheels included
  • Many modifications that don’t exist in normal scripts


  • Any version of ESX or EXM
  1. FiveM:
    • FiveM is a modification framework for Grand Theft Auto V. It allows you to play on customized multiplayer servers with various mods and features not available in the official game.
  2. Bennys System:
    • Benny’s Original Motor Works is a fictional car customization shop in GTA V. In the context of mods, a “Bennys System” likely refers to a modification that enhances or expands the customization options available at Benny’s Original Motor Works. This could include additional car modifications, visual enhancements, or new features.
  3. Tuning System V3:
    • The term “Tuning System V3” suggests the third version of a tuning system mod. In the GTA V modding community, tuning systems typically involve adding or improving vehicle customization options. This can include performance upgrades, visual modifications, and other enhancements to the in-game vehicles.

Showcase of Bennys System

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FiveM Bennys System & Tuning System V3FiveM Bennys System & Tuning System V3