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We can see from our analysis of Burger Shot Job script that this application offers gamers the chance to work in a dazzling manner by transforming the FiveM server’s virtual job market. With the exciting possibilities offered through this Burger Shot Job script, you can boost your server’s performance, connect with your players, and transform the experience of gaming. fivem burger shot

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Enjoy the world of FiveM by using the FiveM Burger Shot Job. It’s a great enhancement that provides the virtual world with a hint of business. We’ll discuss the advantages of features, features, and the installation process of installing this Burger Shot Job script to your FiveM server in this article. Offer your players a tasty working experience that will improve the quality of their role-playing.

Create dynamic and challenging job responsibilities for players that allow them to experience the fast-food world. This section explains how players can take part in a real and satisfying virtual job through the introduction of a variety of tasks using Burger Shot Job. Burger Shot Job script


  • Open Source
  • Customization
  • The job, obviously. You’ll need the job of ‘burgershot’ to access any of the things inside.
  • Authentic burger shot burgers, straight from the menu. (moneyshot, bleeder, heartstopper), Each requiring a different amount of meat to craft (Depending on how many patties each burger has)
  • Boss menu via esx_society to keep track of your employees, hiring and firing, withdrawing funds, etc.
  • an NPC Manager to interact with to access said boss menu, who will despawn when no one is around and respawn only when someone is within distance, to help keep your ped count low.
  • an interactive fryer, cooker, or table to prepare your burgers and fries, as well as a drink machine.
  • A cash register to make your charges on, including a NUI menu for you to input the price you’re charging for the meal.
  • If you do not have the job of ‘burgershot’, interacting with the cash register will instead accept any charges that were put on and do nothing if no charges have been listed.
  • An SQL for you to just copy and paste into your database to set up the job (which has 3 ranks).
    Note: You will have to manually add a few items as well as a way to acquire them. (meat/buns). As well as make them in your database, and the following items as well (moneyshot,bleeder, heartstopper, cookedmeat, potato, fries)
  • A readme that’s easy to follow, which includes the setup you need to add to esx_basicneeds to make the burgers usable.

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Here are a few advantages of using
  • A relaxing and enjoyable experience: Burger Shot can be the perfect way to relax after a long day, or enjoy a casual evening with your friends. The relaxed atmosphere and monotonous activities can be quite therapeutic.
  • Develop the essential abilities: You’ll gain valuable knowledge about multitasking, time management, and customer service. These will be useful in both the real and virtual world.
  • A sense of community: Being a part in Burger Shot’s Burger Shot crew can foster friendship and cooperation. Your colleagues will be there to ensure the operation is running well and celebrate achievements with each other.
  • The ability to express yourself creatively There are servers that allow roleplaying possibilities within the Burger Shot setting. You can create unique personas to play your character, and then add your own flair to the job.
  • Escape from the rigors of life: If you’re bored of the high stakes world of crime or battling for game currency, Burger Shot offers a pleasant fresh perspective. It’s a reminder of how the simple things can be the most satisfying.

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