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With the help of the FiveM Car Music Script, players can customize the music of their virtual vehicle, giving it a more melodic feel. With individualized playlists, rich audio integration, and a fun musical adventure on each virtual drive, you can elevate your gaming community.

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Welcome to Our fivem car music script

With the Car Music Script, take a musical tour through the virtual streets of FiveM. This post explores the features, advantages, and game-changing potential of this script, which makes every drive an enjoyable and customized experience.

Check out the many features that make the FiveM Car Music Script a must-have for fans of virtual driving. Every element enhances and amuses the virtual driving experience, from individualized playlists to immersive audio encounters.

This script uses a library from a developer called Xogos; this library is called Xsound and is an incredible tool. All players can open an UI inside the car, where they can put a song, increase the volume, loop it, and much more! Another feature is to have music in several interiors of the game, where each job has its own radio and can change the music inside its building (defined in config.lua). The music is 3D and decreases depending on the distance, thanks mainly to xsound.


  • Open Source
  • Customization
  • Play music in cars.
  • The music can be heard inside and outside the car, depending on the distance to it.
  • Xsound accepts music from YouTube (without copyright), music in MP3 format, and online radios.
  • It is possible to stop the music, put it in a loop, increase and decrease the volume, and move back and forward in seconds.
  • Each job can have multiple music points within its building (Config.lua).
  • All features can be changed if you wish

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fivem car music scriptfivem car music script
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $14.00.