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“Introducing the ultimate FiveM Container Script! This versatile script allows players to interact with in-game objects like vehicles or storage containers, enhancing immersion and gameplay. With customizable features such as container size, ownership transfer, and password locking, this script offers endless possibilities. Get ready to elevate your FiveM server with dynamic object loading and admin control. Download now and experience a new level of interaction and customization!”

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In the realm of FiveM servers, container scripts are a popular type of script that allows players to interact with in-game objects, such as vehicles, storage containers, or other entities, in a dynamic and manageable way. These scripts enable the creation and administration of such objects, providing an enhanced gaming experience for players.

The script associated with a container often includes functions that enable players to engage with it, such as adding or removing items from a storage container or entering and exiting a vehicle. Additionally, the script may provide options for server administrators to customize the container’s behavior, including settings for maximum capacity or vehicle performance.

fivem container script Features 

  • Custom container size and weight
  • Ability to transfer ownership of containers
  • Locking containers with password (encrypted by bcrypt)
  • Container variant
  • Dynamic object loading
  • Little bit of admin control (WIP)
  • Container placer! (i don’t know what to call it!)

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fivem container scriptfivem container script
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $10.00.