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Gang zones in FiveM are areas of the map that are controlled by a particular gang. Players who are not members of the gang will be penalized if they enter the gang zone without permission. The penalties can vary depending on the server, but they can include things like being killed, arrested, or having their vehicles impounded.

Gang zones can be a great way to add to the roleplay experience on a FiveM server. They can create a sense of tension and danger, and they can also provide players with a sense of purpose. If you are looking to add gang zones to your FiveM server, there are a few things you need to do.

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First, you need to choose the gangs that you want to control the fivem gangs zones. Once you have chosen your gangs, you need to decide which areas of the map each gang will control. You can base this decision on the gang’s backstory or on the gang’s territory in the real world.

You also need to decide what the penalties will be for players who enter a gang zone without permission. The penalties should be severe enough to deter players from entering the gang zone without permission, but they should not be so severe that they make the game unplayable.

Once you have decided on the gangs, the territories, and the penalties, you need to create a system for enforcing the rules. This system should include things like checkpoints, patrols, and informants.


  • Multi-Languages support
  • Config blips for each zone
  • GangName on Blips
  • Zone Control
  • open source

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