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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Hater Shop Beach MLO in FiveM. Discover a stunning beachfront location, complete with a vibrant atmosphere and intricate details. Experience the thrill of exploring the Hater Shop, a unique establishment offering a range of possibilities for your gaming adventures

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When your skin is damaged by the sun,Hater Shop Beach Mlo  you may be missing something from your head, a hat. A hat shop where employees can work on the backend of stocks and DJ props are provided. Hats include a variety of features as well.

                                 Fivem Hater Shop Beach Mlo


  • Custom 100% original interior structure
  • Fire Exit for Employee Backend Door
  • Do not hesitate with your GPU Performance; we take care of you.
  • Custom Prop
  • Full Backend Employee Area
  • Dj Prop
  • Glass Window


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Fivem Hater Shop Beach Mlo