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In FiveM,fivem multi character script  QBcore is a popular framework for creating custom game modes and roleplay servers. One of the features of QBcore is the ability to create multiple characters for a player to use in the game. 

This means that players can create and switch between multiple characters within the same game session, each with their own unique name, appearance, and backstory. This can add a lot of depth and variety to roleplaying games, as players can explore different personalities and playstyles without needing to create separate accounts or characters on different servers.

To use multi-character functionality in QBcore, server owners need to install and configure a compatible script or plugin, which can be found in various FiveM modding communities and marketplaces. Players can then create and manage their characters using in-game menus or commands, depending on the server’s configuration.

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fivem multi character script Multicharacter script for qbcore framework and advanced full optimized script

fivem multi character script for qbcore framework and advanced full optimized script

One account can create and manage five million multi-character qb scripts through the QBCore framework. Accordingly, programmers can use QBCore to write a script that allows users to create and manage multiple characters on a FiveM server. Players can switch between characters and investigate different game roles through this feature.



  • Multi Character Feature for QB-Core Framework

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