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fivem pizza delivery  for FiveM: Join the hustle and deliver piping hot pizzas across the city! Earn cash, navigate through traffic, and satisfy hungry customers in this fast-paced and fun role-playing experience.

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the Pizza Delivery Job for FiveM, powered by ESX, QB, and ND frameworks! Join the hustle and become a pizza delivery driver in the city. With ESX providing the backbone for player management and economy systems, QB Core organizing resources seamlessly, and ND enhancing communication with Discord integration, this job offers a dynamic and immersive role-playing experience. Earn cash, navigate through traffic, and satisfy hungry customers while enjoying the stability, flexibility, and community engagement these frameworks bring to your FiveM server.”

  • Added support for both ESX/QB/ND frameworks.
  • Utilized ox lib throughout.
  • Configs are now split into client and server configs. (config.lua and sv_config.lua)
  • When starting work, you are generated a set number of locations to deliver pizzas to (10 by default) and are paid per delivery. Once completed all 10, you must return the vehicle.
  • No more duplicate locations.
  • Vehicle is now created server side and the whole script was rewritten to secure any exploits.

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