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There are many different PizzaShop MLOs available for FiveM. Some are free, while others are paid. They vary in terms of quality and features. Some Pizza Shop MLOs are based on real-world pizza shops, while others are more creative.

To install a Pizza Shop MLO, you must download the mod from a website or forum. Once you have downloaded the mod, you must extract the files and place them in the appropriate folder in your FiveM directory. You will then need to restart FiveM, and the pizza shop interior will be available in the game.

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PizzaShop Paleto Mlo has now been completely renewed with a new fully original and animated structure, all new features and comforts


  • Custom 100% original interior structure
  • Custom light panels
  • Custom textures and materials
  • Custom Prop
  • Do not hesitate with your GPU Performance; we take care of you


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FiveM PizzaShop Paleto Mlo