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The Fivem Spawn Selector script is a versatile and easy-to-use resource for ESX Qbcore servers. Easily manage spawn positions, smooth camera transitions, and support non-multicharacter and custom positions. Improve your gaming experience and satisfaction. May I help you with something? For more information, please contact us or visit FIVEM SCRIPT

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Fivem Spawn selector Script | Spawn selector For ESX-Qbcore 

Fivem Spawn Selector Script is a versatile and easy-to-use resource designed specifically for ESX Qbcore servers. Its great features allow server administrators to easily manage player spawn locations. This script makes the setup process smooth by allowing you to easily add and remove locations using a convenient configuration file. Triggering resources via export makes spawn selection easily accessible to all players. 

One notable feature of the Script is its smooth camera transition, providing players with a seamless and immersive experience navigating spawn options. As a standalone resource, it operates independently, minimizing conflicts and ensuring optimal performance within the server environment.

The Fivem Spawn selector Script goes beyond the limitations of multicharacter systems, offering support for non-multicharacter as well. By simply editing the configuration file and setting “Config. multicharacter” to false, server owners can cater to a wider range of player preferences.

Furthermore, this Script extends flexibility by accommodating custom locations, such as personal properties and job-specific areas. This lets players spawn directly at their preferred locations, adding a personalized touch to their gameplay experience.

This Script is a powerful and efficient resource that simplifies the management of spawn locations in ESX-Qbcore servers. Its user-friendly nature, smooth camera transitions, and support for non-multicharacter and custom locations make it a desirable addition to any Fivem server environment. Experience the convenience and versatility of this Script to enhance your players’ immersion and overall satisfaction.


  • Compatibility with ESX
  • Compatibility with QB-Core
  • Compatible with multichars systems and without it
  • Full support

Config :

For more information’s or full view for configs, check our script documentation: HERE

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