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Experience the charm of a coffee shop with the FiveM Starbucks MLO | FiveM Coffee Shop MLO – perfect for enhancing your FiveM server!

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Change the FiveM server to a lively virtual café by using Our FiveM Starbucks MLO as well as FiveM Coffee Shop MLO. Specially designed to FiveM, this carefully developed MLO will ensure seamless integration and flawless gaming and provides a unique café experience. Immerse yourself in a stunning experience where everything is taken care of, from the cozy customer seating, to the wide range of drinks and coffee machines is designed to meet every coffee fan’s desires.

The MLO does not just include the essentials like a well-lit counter to facilitate quick ordering, but it also offers new entertainment options, like two pools tables that add an original twist to the traditional cafe scene. Take advantage of modern technology with two payment options for fast transactions. Also, relax in the cozy couch area next to the counter, or fresh air of our outside seating options. Created to increase real-world experience and provide many different roles-play situations or informal meet-ups the FiveM Coffee Shop MLO brings distinct features as well as a complete configuration for the FiveM world. It’s your go-to spot for authentic café experiences. 

Elevate Your FiveM Server with the Ultimate Coffee Shop Experience!

  • Customer Seating: Our MLO features comfortable tables and chairs, perfect for players to sit back and enjoy their virtual coffee.
  • Coffee & Drink Machines: Cater to every caffeine need with our variety of coffee and drink machines – a must-have for any FiveM coffee shop.
  • Unique Entertainment: Boost the fun with two pool tables, adding a unique twist to the typical coffee shop scene in FiveM.
  • Spacious Counter: Includes a well-designed counter for efficient ordering and pickup, enhancing player-barista interactions.
  • Modern Payment Solutions: Two digital payment devices for swift, contactless transactions, reflecting modern café trends.
  • Cozy Sofa Area: Situated near the counter, this cozy area with a sofa and table offers an alternative relaxing spot.
  • Outdoor Seating: Enjoy the virtual outdoors with our outdoor seating option, perfect for FiveM players who love a fresh-air café experience.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Design: Our FiveM Starbucks MLO is crafted for seamless integration, ensuring no performance issues.
  • Immersive Experience: From digital payments to the cozy sofa area, each element is designed to enhance realism in your FiveM server.
  • Versatile Setting: Ideal for role-play scenarios or as a casual meetup spot in your FiveM world.

Why Choose Our FiveM Coffee Shop MLO?

  • Tailored for FiveM: Specifically designed for FiveM servers, ensuring compatibility and smooth gameplay.
  • Unique Elements: From pool tables to digital payments, our MLO brings unique features to your FiveM world.
  • Comprehensive Setup: We’ve thought of everything – seating, counters, drinks machines, and more, to create the most authentic coffee shop experience.

Transform your FiveM server with our FiveM Starbucks MLO | FiveM Coffee Shop MLO – the perfect blend of style, functionality, and entertainment for your virtual world.

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