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A user is using a tobacco shop MLO on the Fivem roleplay server. The player had the option of turning the tobacco store into a respectable business or something more sinister.

The tobacco shop MLO in the image might be utilized by the player to start a tobacco shop company or by a criminal organization as a safehouse.

Location v3(-56.2704, -1057.8156, 27.7660, 153.2975)


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FiveM Tobacco shop that was created by a modder and shared with the FiveM community. Players on FiveM roleplay servers can use MLOs to develop their businesses, hideouts, and other locations. A player could use the tobacco shop MLO in the image to create a tobacco shop business, or it could be used as a hideout for a criminal organization.

Here are some additional details about the FiveM Tobacco shop:
  • The tobacco shop is located in a small town.
  • Trees and bushes surround the shop.
  • There is a small parking lot in front of the shop.
  • The shop has a large window that allows customers to see inside.
  • The shop has a sign that advertises cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco products.


  • Fully-detailed interior with all the necessary facilities
  • Realistic textures and props
  • Compatible with FiveM
  • custom props
  • Store room
  • office room
  • cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco products
  • small parking
  • More feature check in video

Location v3(-56.2704, -1057.8156, 27.7660, 153.2975)

Fivem roleplay server where a player is using a tobacco shop MLO. The player could use the tobacco shop to create a legitimate business or use it for more nefarious purposes.

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