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Take a step into the grand Fluorine City Hall MLO and FiveM Courthouse a beacon of digital governance and power.

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Explore the splendor in the Fluorine City Hall MLO , a massive structure located in the FiveM Courthouse , symbolizing authority and authority. It has four levels, and Fluorine City Hall MLO isn’t just an office building, it’s also the centre of digital public living. Second first floor has been devoted to the court. It houses courts of highly regarded judges and an office for inspection along with a class for budding lawyers.

As you ascend, the third floor is home to the office of the mayors of Los Santos and Blaine County and the Prosecutor’s Office, and chambers for legal, making the building a center for both legislative and political activities. The crowning glory to Fluorine City Hall MLO is the fourth floor. This is where you will find to the governor’s and vice-governor’s offices as well as a sophisticated conference room that is designed to facilitate high-level discussions and the making of decisions.

Fluorine City Hall MLO Key Features:


  • Architectural grandeur: The MLO features an impressive design, which resembles actual city halls and pays focus on architectural details that increase the realism.
  • Judiciary Offices on the Second Floor: Specifically designed to facilitate court proceedings, these rooms are realistic and have layouts that resemble authentic court offices at FiveM Courthouse , complete with furniture and legal accessories.
  • Inspection Office and Training Class A space that is equipped with the necessary resources to conduct inspections and sessions for training with interactive components such as computers, desks as well as training material.
  • Municipal and government offices on the Third Level: These offices are decorated to represent the authority and prestige associated with mayoral positions. They are furnished with lavish interiors and furnishings that are appropriate for politicians in game.
  • Attorney’s and Prosecutor’s Offices:Tailored for legal professionals These offices contain things like law bookcases as well as meeting tables as well as document storage. They provide an authentic workplace for legal professionals.
  • Governor and Vice Governor’s Quarters on the Fourth Floor The layout of these apartments is a symbol for the executive’s power. They feature spacious, luxurious rooms with conference areas as well as private office spaces.
  • High-Tech Meeting Room It is equipped with cutting-edge conference facilities, such as a big meeting table, screen screens for presentation and seating to accommodate multiple individuals. 

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Fluorine City Hall MLO | FiveM CourthouseFluorine City Hall MLO | FiveM Courthouse
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $13.00.