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This script works with any role play server and requires you to be responsible for your dog. With the K9 dog, the police officers can participate in a range of roles, as every dog can be linked to roles. In addition, you can also do a variety of activities with your pet there are lots of emotions and tasks. You can also use pets that you can add to. The latest version of now players have the ability to own pet shops, and develop more of them. pet system

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Pet system – ANY Ped can be a Pet. From Animals to People (If you so choose… for whatever reason). – In the video, I showcase both a Tiger Shark and a Bear. Menu Bring up the menu by hitting the Home Key (You can change the key in your Fivem> Keybinds section) Commands – The usual Stay/Follow. When Staying, the Pet (If it has an animation for it) will Sit down and wait for you to have it follow or feed. Get In/Out of Vehicles – Take your pet with you whenever you get in a ride! It’ll get in any available seat (Motorcycles, Helicopters included).

Feed Your Pet – Place down a physical, visible bowl of food for your pet to chow down from. – Currently, you don’t actually need the food item in your inventory, but will be added in the future along with more toys and things for pets to do. Play with your Pet – Buy a Tennis Ball from the pet shop, and Play with your pet! They will chase the ball once you throw it (By using it), and bring it back to you! – ANY Pet will play fetch, Cats, Chickens, Pigs, Etc.

Pet Status – View your Pets Health/Food/Illnesses (Your pets can get sick, more on this later), and Rename them! Health – All pets start off with 100 health, when your Food hits 0, it will begin losing health little by little. So don’t let it starve! Once a pet’s health hits 0, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. You’ll have to travel to the Vet (Located on Del Perro Pier by default) and Abandon the pet. Food – Pets food starts off at 300 and decreases by 0.5 every second, meaning every 10 minutes you will have to feed your pet (ONLY when they are Out) Illnesses – Currently, there are two illnesses for your pets. Fatigue, and Kennel Cough. Every two minutes of your pet being out, they have a 2% chance of getting sick (Can change via the config). –

Fatigue – Fatigue will make your pet move -extremely- slow. – Kennel Cough – This will slowly over time kill your pet, every second it will reduce your pet’s health by a decimal amount until your pet is consumed by the cough. Treat Illnesses – By going to the Vet (Located on Del Perro Pier by default). After paying a fee, the vet will cure the illness and restore some of your pet’s health. – This will eventually be made configurable to be a player-run Job, I’ve had my Girlfriend move an MLO Down to the Pier and it will allow you to bring the Dog onto the Table and Operate on the Dog. It’s pretty neat. Name Your Pet! –

Why just call your new friend PET, or DOG, when you can choose the name yourself!? Give them a unique name and let them really shine. – FOR POLICE – K9 – The Shepard dog from the shop is reserved ONLY for Police, if you aren’t one you won’t be able to buy it. Attack – When you have your Pet out (Literally any pet will work with this, Chicken, Pig, Poodle, Etc) – Press G on your keyboard (By Default it’s G, you can change it in your FiveM Keybind Settings) and while aiming at a target, the Pet WILL ATTACK. – It’ll continue attacking a target until they are below 40 Health, then will come back to you so it does not commit murder.

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pet system v5+police k9 systempet system v5+police k9 system
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