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Advanced CrewSystem | FiveM Crew System

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Advanced CrewSystem | FiveM Crew System

Features in the Crew Menu;

  • The entire system can be changed easily via config.
  • Announcements shared by people who have authority in Crew
  • Chat area where crew members can talk
  • You can invite players to your crew
  • You can give the Authorizations you created to your members.
  • Crew-exclusive Inventory system
  • Crew-exclusive Garage system
  • Garage and Inventory crew specific password setting system
  • Ability to change your Crew Color as you wish (GPS color, Map Color, etc.)
  • Ability to create new Authorization groups and add features to them.
  • Ability to send war invitations and peace invitations to another crew
  • While at war, you can capture the areas of the person you are at war with.
  • You can spray an unlimited number of times.
  • “Hold The Corner” (drug selling system) Earn additional money if you do it in your own captured area
  • “Hold The Corner” (drug selling system) If you perform the action in the crew area where you are the enemy, you will earn a negative amount of money.
  • Special GPS system for your crew, so you can easily see the location of your friends.
  • Where it is owned, it is indicated in which crew it is in the text at the bottom right.
  • All systems are updated and work instantly.
  • Provides 0.04-0.02ms of consumption

Next upcoming update (89%);

  • Crew missions will be added (admin and can be automatically edited as desired) (68%)
  • Race to 1st place on the “Leader List” with XP and rewards earned in Crew Missions (50%)
  • Ability to upload images from outside to the Spray system via font and url (10%)
  • and besides, we have 5 more secret innovations :)).

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[QB/ESX] Advanced CrewSystem | FiveM Crew System[QB/ESX] Advanced CrewSystem | FiveM Crew System
Original price was: $120.00.Current price is: $40.00.