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In FiveM, inventory refers to a system that allows players to store and manage items and resources that they collect or obtain during gameplay. The inventory system is often used in roleplaying servers to simulate real-life scenarios, where players can collect and use items like weapons, clothing, and food. qb-inventory

The inventory system typically includes features like:

  1. Item Management: Players can view, organize, and manage their inventory items.
  2. Item Interaction: Players can interact with items in their inventory, such as equipping weapons or consuming food.
  3. Inventory Capacity: Players have a limited inventory capacity, meaning they can only carry a certain amount of items.
  4. Item Transfer: Players can transfer items between their own inventory and other player’s inventory or storage containers, like safes or lockers.and many more

The inventory system can be customized and extended to suit the needs of a specific server. For example, a roleplaying server may include a currency system, where players can earn and spend money to buy items and resources. Overall, the inventory system is an important feature in FiveM servers that enhances the immersive gameplay experience.

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qb-inventory based on qbcore framework and slot based inventory.  So, I know the NoPixel 3.5 inventory update is a very controversial topic for most people. So, here’s our own take and spin on the design.


  • Custom brand logo above option buttons
  • Options menu
  • Help box
  • Custom inventory images (more always being added in each new update)
  • Default weight icon easily changeable with Font Awesome icons
  • Hotkey numbers visible in inventory and hotbar slots
  • Weight progress bar
  • Tooltip has a determined height (so it won’t ever go higher than visible or cut off)
  • Text overflow ellipsis used (so your product titles with never overlap the containers and instead do “…”)
  • Blurred inventory background
  • Elements of NoPixel 3.5 design ideas interwoven

if you got any issue any others questions then contact me


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qb-inventory | NoPixel 3.5 inspired inventoryqb-inventory | NoPixel 3.5 inspired inventory
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $19.00.