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Players can open the inventory by pressing the F1 key. The inventory window will show you a list of all the items that you are currently carrying. You can drag and drop items to move them around, and you can also use the buttons at the bottom of the window to add, remove, and search for items.

QB Inventory is a great way to manage your inventory in FiveM. It is easy to use, versatile, and configurable. If you are looking for a way to improve the inventory system on your server, then QB Inventory is a great option.

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QB Inventory is a slot-based inventory system used in FiveM servers that is based on the QBCore framework. It allows players to store items in their inventory, vehicle trunk, or personal stash. Each item takes up a certain number of slots.

QB Inventory is a very versatile script and can be used to store a wide variety of items, including weapons, clothing, food, and drugs. It also supports custom items, so you can create your own items and add them to the inventory.


■ No QBCore export, nor absurd dependencies, was programmed from scratch for ESX.

■ Includes a special bench made exclusively by me for this package.

■ Money as an object in your inventory, with activated GIVE system.

■ Glovebox and trunks with slots and customizable weight.

■ Exclusive package only for people with good tastes.

■ Contains a fully customized cigarette script, to smoke and open your cigar pack.

■ Includes various resources, such as ‘qb-loadingbar’ the new official Qbus progressbar.

■ Greater fluidity, the LITE inventory with better optimization with the quality that it entails

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    Fantastic shop! Their FiveM mods are top quality and the staff is incredibly helpful.

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    Keep going great job! You can see similar

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Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $19.00.