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Are you looking for an good script onqb pets?if yes then thish for you.

After completing this script you will have a beautiful server that is ready to share with the world.

This guide is made for qbcore. I will walk you through each and every step, using clear open code .

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The term “QB Pets” likely refers to a unique script or addition to the QBcore framework in FiveM, a popular mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Pets such as dogs, cats, or other animals that players purchase through a script or attachment and can own . The user can customize and train their pets in the game, which can bring various benefits, such as better health or mastering certain hobbies. Pets can also be used to communicate with other players or non-player characters (NPCs) in the game, which can increase the roleplay immersion even further. 

            qb pets script for qbcore framework


  • XP and leveling system
  • Food system
  • thirst sytem
  • Health system (heal and revive)
  • Auto naming (At first usage) & Renaming
  • pet variation
  • Control pet’s actions
  • Pet shop
  • Pet animation


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qb pets mlo