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For FiveM, there are a number of qbcore banking script  that let users conduct banking operations and control their in-game money. Players can often examine their transaction history, deposit and withdraw money from their accounts, and transfer money to other players using these scripts.

qb Banking, vRP bankrobbery, and GCPhone with banking integration are a few of the well-liked banking scripts for FiveM. These scripts can be altered to suit the requirements of various FiveM servers and combined with other scripts and features like ATMs, bank robberies, and job payouts.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that certain servers may not permit players to conduct financial transactions as part of their roleplay guidelines, or they may demand that players hold a particular job or status in order to use banking capabilities.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Our banking script offers a seamless user experience with intuitive commands and a clean interface. Players can check their account balances, view transaction history, and perform various banking operations with ease.

Security is a top priority with QBcore Banking. All transactions are encrypted and logged, providing administrators with the tools they need to monitor and manage the economy effectively. Whether it’s setting interest rates, managing bank accounts, or tracking suspicious activity, QBcore Banking puts the power in your hands.

Integrate QBcore Banking into your FiveM server today and provide players with a reliable and immersive financial system that enhances their gameplay experience.


Features qbcore banking script

  • Banking Ui with a advance graph which will let you know the amount and the date
  • Transactions Record with the amount, Description, date
  • Income and Outcome Track down
  • Total Transaction number
  • Option for Card & Saving Account
  • Loan System where you can apply the loan to a banker
  • Society Option where all the money can get save in one hand
  • Application Viewer
  • Bank Manager Job
  • Approval Notification System in a Bank
  • Interest System
  • Option for rejection loan
  • Multiple Language Supportive
  • Qbcore and ESX server Compatible


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Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $15.00.