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the QBCore Poultry job is an excellent method for players to understand the different aspects of raising and killing poultries. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for players to earn money and earn to earn RP.chicken job qbcore chicken job

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The QBCore Hen Job is a basic work that permits players to work at a chicken farm, increasing and slaughtering chickens. The result is relatively easy to learn and can be a great way for brand-new players to make money and RP.  chicken job

the proprietor. The owner will provide the gamers with an application to join along with a list of tasks to finish. Players earn money by completing tasks and can also offer chicken meat. The amount earned depends on the difficulty of the task and the meat of the chicken’s highest quality. 

It is true that the QBCore Hen Job is an enjoyable and rewarding way to play. It’s a great job for those who enjoy in playing with pets and earning a profit. 

Here is an even more detailed breakdown of the different jobs involved by QBCore Hen Work. QBCore Hen work:

Feeding and sprinkling the hens: This is the easiest task and can be done by just walking the hen coop and dispensing food and water right into the troughs.

Accumulating eggs: Eggs can be collected from the chicken coop by approaching the nests and pushing a button. Egg can then be put in a basket to be taken to the handling plant.

Slaughtering chickens: Slaughtering chickens is harder and calls for players to use a blade to eliminate the poultries. Once the poultries are dead, they must be skinne and cleane up.

Packaging hen meat: Once it has been cleaned, it must be packaged in boxes. Boxes can be located in the handling plant.

Offering hen meat: Poultry meat can be markete to restaurants and other companies. To offer hen meat, players must drive to the marketing area and press a switch to provide their heart. 


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  • Product packaging chicken meat
  • Offering hen meat
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