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If you are searching for a program that can improve the user experience for police for your FiveM server and you are looking for a solution, then QBCore Police Hub is a excellent choice. It is an extremely well-designed and reliable script that offers a broad variety of options.

QBCore Police Hub QBCore Police Hub is a powerful program that can provide your FiveM server an authentic and immersive police experience. If you are trying to find a way to enhance the police experience in your site, this QBCore Police Hub is a good choice.

Find the most comprehensive fivem qbcore Police Hub with exclusive scripts for GTA. Improve your roleplay by using Qbcore and qbus police scripts. Start exploring today!

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QBCore Police Hub QBCore Police Hub is a well-known script on FiveM servers and it is evident the reasons. It comes with a broad array of features that make it easier for police personnel to complete their work efficiently. The program is highly customizable which means you can alter it to suit the needs for your particular server.  


  • Supports Every Server
  • Open Source
  • Draggable UI
  • Themes [Dark and Light Mode]
  • Group Chat with Emoji Support makes to talk with Police members
  • Police Members List with Profiles
  • Tracking + Ping System
  • Callsign system where players can have unique callsigns
  • Job Status, Duty Changer
  • Job Member Blips
  • Onscreen UI Notifications for events and alerts
  • Sound Effects
  • Emergency Button with Discord Logs
  • Realtime Syncing of UI with server
  • Easy to use with other scripts
  • Highly Configurable config [Everything is Changeable]
  • Language Editor
  • Highly optimized for performance at all times [0.0ms]
  • For More Features Check Config + Watch Preview

The QBCore Police Hub is a great script for FiveM servers that want to improve the police experience. It is well-made, reliable, and provides a wide range of features. However, it is a paid script and requires the QBCore framework to be installed.


  • /policehub


I will gladly to assist you if the script does not work correctly or you are unsure of how to set it up properly (and maybe even add some other cool features you suggested). Just contact me on Support.If you want related mlo of this product then vistis fivem mlo


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qbcore Police Hub Script
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $15.00.