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QBcore shop script is a specific implementation of the QBcore shop script is an implementation specific to the shop system that is built on the QBcore framework that is part of FiveM. The QBcore framework is a base for the development of various scripts, including shop systems, in FiveM’s FiveM multi-player platform.

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Supermarket shop system script qbcore

The QBcore shop script refers to a specific implementation of a shop system built using the QBcore framework in FiveM. The  framework provides a foundation for developing various scripts, including shop systems, within the FiveM multiplayer platform.

However, a typical  script may include the following components:

  1. Shop Interface: The script would provide a user interface that allows players to interact with the shop system. This interface would display items available for purchase, their prices, and relevant information.
  2. Item Database: The shop script would include a database or data structure to store information about the items available in the shop. This database would contain details such as item names, descriptions, prices, and any additional attributes.
  3. Currency System Integration: The QBcore shop script would integrate with a currency system to handle the buying and selling of items. It would deduct currency from the player’s account when purchasing items and add currency when selling items.
  4. Inventory Management: The shop script would handle the management of player inventories, including tracking owned items, updating inventory quantities when items are bought or sold, and enforcing any limitations or restrictions on inventory capacity.
  5. Shop Locations and Interactions: The script would define specific locations within the game world where shops are available. Players would be able to approach these locations and interact with them to access the shop interface.
  6. Transaction Handling: The shop script would handle the logic for processing transactions between players and the shop. This would involve validating purchases, deducting or adding currency, updating inventory, and ensuring the proper exchange of items.
  7. Customization Options: The QBcore shop script may offer customization options, allowing server owners or developers to modify aspects such as item availability, pricing, shop locations, and more.


– Nice and clean UI

– Very easy to configure and translate.

– More information you can see in video

– (QBCORE) version

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