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The Slaughter Job is a fun and rewarding roleplay job. Players can earn money by working, and they can also purchase new equipment and clothing for their character. If you are looking for a new roleplay job to try

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Slaughter job in qbcore is a role-playing job where the player can work as a butcher or a meat packer. The job is to catch chickens, slaughter and pack meat. Players can earn money by completing these missions and buying new equipment and clothes for their characters.

To start the slaughter, the player must find a slaughterhouse. There are several slaughterhouses located around the map and they are marked on the map with a white butcher knife icon.Once the player arrives at the Slaughterhouse, they can interact with the NPC to start working.

The first job in the slaughterhouse was catching chickens. The player can do this by using the grid to watch the chickens. When a chicken is discovered, it will be placed in the player’s inventory. The player can then bring the chicken to the slaughterhouse and slaughter it.

To peck a chicken, the player must use a knife. Chickens after being killed will be put in the crate. The player can then bring the container to the packing station and pack the meat.
After the meat is packed,theplayer can sell it to the SlaughterhouseNPC. Players will earn money for every piece of meat they sell.


  • collecting chickens
  • Processing the chickens
  • Packaging the chickens
  • Selling the chickens

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Qbcore Slaughter Job