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Drag Light + Bradenton Motorpark Speedway Looking for an authentic drag strip experience? Then look no further! Time for drag nights to get serious! Challenge a rival racer and take it to Bradenton Motorpark Speedway located at Sandy Shores Airport. Make sure you do a thick

Sandy Drag Strip Fivem MLO  burnout to get those tires nice and sticky and get staged up! Once you and your opponent have staged, make sure you don’t jump the green light otherwise you’ll get the dreaded red light disqualifier light. Features: Fully Functioning and Synchronized Drag Tree. Lane and Staging Detection. (Pre-Stage/Staged/Red Light) Quarter Mile Times and Winner Announcements. Optimized Script (0.02-0.09ms) If no lights are lit the script is at idle at 0.02ms. Don’t like the YMAP or location? You can easily edit the script to your needs as it is fully open Sandy Drag Strip Fivem MLO Fivem Mlo | Fivem Maps Shop

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I sincerely hope that this guide has clarified any issues you may have had about  fivem car meet mlo , but if any of the steps weren’t apparent to you, you can find a more thorough explanation of each one by using the bottom menu on this page (or the bottom of the contact if you’re on it).If you want any good scripts for this Mlo, then you can visit this Qbcore shop


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