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It sounds like you’re referring to some sort of mod or server setup for the game Grand Theft Auto V, specifically using either the ESX or QBCore frameworks within the FiveM multiplayer platform. “Deltarix” might be the name of a server or a specific modification within that server.

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Darkweb v2, you have the power to create as many categories as you’d like, each with their own unique image, title, description, and icon. DarkWeb

Easily manage and customize your categories at any time to keep your store organized and up-to-date.

It also allows you to create, modify, and remove in-game items that correspond to your categories. Whether you’re selling weapons, drugs, or stolen goods, it you tailor your offerings to your community’s needs.

Players can easily add items to their cart and apply coupon codes for fixed or percentage-based discounts.

Create, change or remove spots where packages will be spawned, based on the weight of the purchase.

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DarkWeb (QB/ESX)DarkWeb (QB/ESX)