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Are you looking for an good script on qbcore lumberjack job ?if yes then thish for you.

After completing this script you will have a beautiful server that is ready to share with the world.

This guide is made for qbcore. I will walk you through each and every step, using clear open code .

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qbcore lumberjack job Script For QBcore Framework

The qbcore lumberjack job appears to be related to a slot in the popular online game “Grand Theft Auto V”, which uses the “FiveM” mod to create unique multiplayer servers.

By cutting down trees, turning them into logs, and transporting the logs to a designated location, the player can earn money. For users who want to join the immersive community on the FiveM server, work is usually one of the many options offered.



  • Can change if you want it to be a job or not [Config option]
  • 100 x 100 Images
  • Turn on and off blips
  • Easy to use setup


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qbcore lumberjack job